The Itech IT-M3600

The Itech IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System is part of the versatile IT-M3000 series. These ultra compact DC power supplies and DC loads contain relatively high power and high accuracy in a very compact housing of only ½ wide 19″ rack module of 1U high. The Itech IT-M3600 is a programmable power system in which a bi-directional DC power supply and a regenerative DC load are housed in one housing. When used as a DC load, the absorbed energy will be fed back to the AC grid. As a bi-directional DC power supply, the IT-M3600 can supply as well as dissipate power. The IT-M3600 series has been especially developed for applications with smaller powers.

Voltages and power

The different models are suitable for voltages up to 60V, 150V, 300V and 600V at 200W, 400W and 800W. Higher powers are easily achieved by parallel connection of up to 16 units in a master-slave configuration. Partly because of this, this regenerative power system is extremely suitable for use in battery cell and battery pack testing. As a multi-channel power supply, the IT-M3600 is suitable for testing micro inverters (optional SAS1000 software) and semiconductors. A big advantage in battery cell and battery pack testing in particular is the fact that the IT-M3600 is standard equipped with a temperature measurement function which is suitable for an optional temperature sensor. This series has eight operation modes, called CC/CV/CP/CR/CV+CC/CC+CR/CV+CC+CP+CR.

Communication and multi-security

The IT-M3600 series bi-directional regenerative power supplies has various protections such as ±OCP, ±OVP, OPP, over heat protection and grid fault protection. In addition, the series can optionally be equipped with various interfaces such as RS232, CAN, LAN, GPIB, USB_T-MC, USB_VCP, RS485, analog and IO communication.

Available models Itech IT-M3600

An overview of the different versions can be found below.

Model Voltage Current Power
IT-M3612 60V 30A 200W
IT-M3622 60V 30A 400W
IT-M3632 60V 30A 800W
IT-M3613 150V 12A 200W
IT-M3623 150V 12A 400W
IT-M3633 150V 12A 800W
IT-M3614 300V 6A 200W
IT-M3624 300V 6A 400W
IT-M3634 300V 6A 800W
IT-M3615 600V 3A 200W
IT-M3625 600V 3a 400W
IT-M3635 600V 3A 800W


Charging and discharging tests for various batteries with a relatively low capacity such as electric bicycles (optional BSS2000 software), scooters, but also drones and robots are included. Due to the bi-directional concept of the IT-M3600, it can also be used as a Battery Simulator. It is possible to program different battery characteristics. Thereis also special software available for Fuel Cell emulation; the FSC3000 software. Because of the unipolar concept of this power supply it is also very fast .This also makes the series extremely suitable for PV applications such as MPPT tracking and micro invertors.

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