BSS2000 Battery Simulation Software


Itech’s BSS2000 battery simulation software is an indispensable tool for the R&D and test engineer. This is to verify the performance of the connected power conversion electronics and the battery itself, quickly and completely.

This software provides the user with a real-time battery curve simulation function. The user only has to select the battery type, set some basic parameters and then generate the curve.

But the BSS2000 battery simulation software is also suitable for more complex curves based on multiple parameters. Conventional types of battery curves or mathematical models are generally based on typical conditions, or applications. And on the use in special environments, where temperature also has a major influence.

This simulation software includes a function to import the Mathlab file .mat format. A format that is often used on a scientific level. It is also possible to import known battery charge and discharge data as an Excel .csv file.

Engineers often want to perform many tests at an early R&D stage in order to continuously optimise the product design. Because the battery simulator can quickly be set to different State of Charge (SoC) levels, there is no need to go through the real charging and discharging process. As a result, improved test efficiency is obtained and test time will be significantly reduced.

The BSS2000 and BSS2000 Pro software can be used in conjunction with Itech’s powerful bi-directional DC power supplies from the IT6000BIT6000C, IT-M3400 and IT-M3600 series. This provides users with a wide range of simulation solutions for both low and high power applications.

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