Verhuur AC belastingen

The models below are available for rental. Click on the model number for the technical specifications of the product.

CinergiaGE/EL30+ AC/DC + IT30iRegenerative AC Grid Emulator/AC Load 30kVA, 10-400Hz, 0-277Vrms including isolation trafo
H&HACLS7028 AC loadsingle phase AC load, 7kVA, 0-280V, 0-50A, 40-1000Hz
CrestchicC42593 phase 40kW AC resistance loadbank, switchable between 1kW and 40kW, 50 en 60Hz

Do you want to rent something? Then request a quote stating the preferred rental period and dates. Of course, the rental depends on the availability of the power supplies.

Is your preferred power supply not listed? Let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

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