André Handgraaf   T&M Consultant

My work environment is a walhalla for technicians. Every week, as a T&M consultant, I visit companies of which I think: wow, do we have this in the BeNeLux? And believe me, I’m still amazed every day by the high quality electronics developments in the BeNeLux. Something we may surely be proud of. And when I have been able to come up with a solution for a complicated measurement problem, I do feel that we, as TT&MS, also contribute to these beautiful developments.


René Bos   T&M Consultant

As a T&M consultant I prefer to visit clients. That way I can ask the right questions, and experience first hand how TT&MS can contribute to solving technical barriers. I sometimes say: ‘Everything with a plug should be tested’. Only when you know how a product really performs, you will be able to improve it. And that’s how I learn something new every day! Because of my inquisitive nature, this is someting that makes me very happy.

Tom Luyckx   T&M Consultant

The great thing about working at TT&MS is getting in touch with companies that are involved in the latest technologies and developments. This allows me to further expand my knowledge about different applications and this is beneficial for my professional and personal development. Finding appropriate solutions, together with the client, gives me a sense of satisfaction. This results from my interest in all things technical.

Jacqueline van der Erf   Office Manager

As TT&MS’ office manager, I am involved in different aspects of the company such as HR, financial administration and sales support. In view of efficiency, I find it important that work processes run smoothly. TT&MS is constantly evolving; monitoring and, if necessary, adjusting work processes is one of my tasks. A good atmosphere within the TTMS team is also important to me. After all, you achieve the best results together!

Diana Santhuizen-Dijs   Sales Support

The great thing about working at TT&MS is that we focus on long-term customer relationships. Here, we investigate how we can really help companies move forward. We always try to find the right solution for a client’s application. Knowing that the entire process, from the first contact up to and including the delivery of the order, has been to the customer’s satisfaction gives me a great sense of contentment. With the right focus, communication, and a customer-oriented attitude we’re achieving great results.


Liesbeth de Jong-Balder   Sales Support

Working at TT&MS in the Sales Support department is never dull. It is a varied job in which you follow the entire process from quotation to delivery to the customer. Having contact with national and international customers on the one hand, and with our suppliers on the other hand gives me a sense of pleasure. With adequate mutual communication and statistical understanding, the goal is to make the whole process run smoothly.


Raymond van Dijk   Service

At TT&MS I am involved in various service issues such as repairs and calibrations of various measuring instruments. I am also happy to assist you with your general technical questions. Also, it’s quite the challenge to get a defective device working again using documentation and diagrams. In the spring and summer months I can be found on and around my boat to take to the water in the summer.

Sandra Muresu   Marketing & Sales Support

My work at TT&MS gives me a positive boost. It is service-oriented and varied work: marketing, logistics, clerical. TT&MS is like a family and teamwork is the keyword here. Where necessary we support each other. It’s a dynamic whole.  Marketing feels like a comfortable piece of clothing and can’t be more fitting: language, writing and I are unconditionally connected. Therefore, all Dutch and English publications are seen by me before they are published.


Marc Kammeraad   Marketing & Sales

Within TT&MS I focus on sales and marketing related issues. These are mainly online visibility, website maintenance, press releases, application notes and other publications. In addition, I am in frequent contact with the consultants and support them where necessary in the commercial process surrounding the quotations and follow-up. This provides me with a versatile position within TT&MS which I can execute in my own way.


Hans Verhees

Hans Verhees

Victron Energy

We don’t buy measuring instruments, we purchase solutions for specific measurement problems. I like to buy from TTMS, given their knowledge of test solutions in power electronics. I hate sellers. TTMS helps us to make the right choice. They even come up with instrumentation from manufacturers they do not represent themselves. And always with the perfect service: they are not complicated and just arrange what is needed.

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

Jan Serné

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

In my role within the calibration and quality lab, it is a continuous striving for quality for me. In order to ensure this, the right support from, amongst others, suppliers is essential. TTMS understands this like no other, and I have been doing business with them for years. If I need to describe the business relationship with TTMS, it would be that it’s both constructive and instinctive. The measurement instrumentation is reliable. In addition to this, TTMS’ expertise of test and measuring equipment complements the STCA.


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