SPS5000 parametric test software for semiconductors

Itech has developed the SPS5000 parametric semiconductor test software to complement the IT2800 series SMU (System Measurement Unit), with a minimum resolution of up to 100nV/10fA. Specifically designed for use in university laboratories, semiconductor R&D and manufacturing and research institutes.

With an intuitive GUI, the SPS5000 software enables fast semiconductor characterisation testing and simplifies measurement setup, I-V characterisation and data analysis. And thereby contributes to a considerable improvement in test efficiency of characterisation. The SPS5000 supports DC, pulse, single and bidirectional modes.

For use, no programming knowledge is required and ready-to-use test items are provided for various types of semiconductors such as MOSFETs, BJTS, diodes and resistors.

A built-in database allows the user to store and quickly recall data and graphs. There are also powerful tools for graph analysis, such as automatic scaling and line operations and capabilities for multiple Y-axes and configurable parameter types and scaling types of Y-axis/X-axis.

For more information, please refer to the brochure.

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