Itech IT2800 High-end 4-quadrant power supply-measurement combination

The IT2800 series is the new compact bipolar supply-measurement combination from Itech’s range with the ability to supply and measure both voltage and current. The IT2800 combines the capabilities of a highly accurate voltage source, pulse generator and current source with the measurement capabilities of a high precision voltage meter, current meter and Ohmmeter. The intuitive user interface allows easy and quick switching between functions. The large display with numeric and graphic representation also contributes to the IT2800’s exceptional ease of use.

Simple characterisation of semiconductors

This power supply-measurement combination has a voltage range from 100nV to 1000V and a current range from 100fA to 10A. Designed to generate and measure more than just simple DC voltages, the bipolar IT2800 is the perfect partner for I-V characterisation of components in the 4 quadrants. Think of testing discrete semiconductors, passive components, transient filters (TVS), laser diodes, transistors and varistors. In graphic mode, measurements are displayed and stored real-time with the capability of 10,000 measurements per second. In oscilloscope mode, the IT2800 achieves an even higher sample rate so that any abnormality is recorded. Another interesting addition for performing limit tests is the built-in pulse generator with sweep capabilities. Standard pulse patterns are present but the most complex patterns can also be built yourself. Specific resistance is another important parameter for determining the performance of semiconductor materials. Accurate measurements are crucial, so for this purpose the IT2800 is equipped with the accurate 4-wire measurement method.

Simulate batteries, save time

The ITECH IT2800 is equipped with a professional battery simulation function. Ideal for analysing the energy consumption of devices. Or for studying how different battery profiles affect a design. Instead of using real batteries to be charged or discharged, the IT2800 can easily simulate an arbitrary state of charge (SOC). This significantly improves efficiency in development and production testing.

The extensive functionality, accuracy and different display modes make this IT2800 power supply-measurement combination the ultimate tool for both the lab engineer and the quality manager in production environments

For detailed specifications, please refer to the IT2800’s datasheet.

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