New at TTMS, NF corporation

We at TTMS see it as a challenge to find a solution to a measurement problem of one of our customers. And in this we go quite far. Sometimes you have to come to the conclusion that something is just not possible. Sometimes, however, you think something might be impossible but then, after a long search, you come across a manufacturer that does have a solution for this. This is how TTMS got in touch with NF corporation after a long search.

NF corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1959. In the early years, the company mainly focused on the Japanese market, but for the past five years it has been developing an international sales network.
Its product range is particularly broad. Unique products include bipolar amplifiers up to 50MHz, a dedicated bipolar power supply, programmable filters, amplifiers with special properties, etc. The range also includes, for example, multi-channel Arbitrary function generators. Clearly an excellent addition to the TTMS divisions power supplies and general instrumentation.

For a complete overview of NF corporation products, please refer to the NF suppliers page.

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