Is renting also possible at TTMS?

We have an extensive range of instrumentation available from about twenty manufacturers that we represent in the Benelux. In addition, we sometimes exchange instrumentation that is no longer used by our customers. Under certain conditions, we also make this instrumentation available for rental. Do you have a short term need for specific instrumentation, please check our website for the instrumentation (...)

Itech IT7900P Regenerative Grid Emulator

Itech, supplier of AC/DC Power test solutions has introduced an “all-in-one test solution” with the IT7900P series, a combination of an AC/DC Grid emulator & regenerative AC/DC load. The IT7900 series grid emulator was already innovative considering its many features and user-friendly operation. So with the -P version, the unit is now also deployable as a 4 quadrant load in (...)

Zenone and Pacific Power new at TTMS

The world of power applications is developing at a rapid pace and the requirements and wishes for the necessary instrumentation are becoming higher and higher. In order to meet the wishes and requirements of the market, TT&MS is continuously looking for new suppliers and products so that we can also offer solutions for these special applications. After having added the (...)

Pacific Power LMX High-End Linear Programmable AC Power Supplies

When high power quality matters, Pacific Power’s new LMX Series is the answer. The linear amplifiers in the LMX series of power sources are unrivalled in their ability to produce pure waveforms with extremely low distortion required for the most demanding AC Test Power applications. The LMX Series is an excellent source of stable AC power over a frequency range of 15 (...)

Pacific Power AFX High-End Programmable AC/DC Power Supplies

The Pacific Power AFX series consists of a range of powerful AC, DC and AC+DC compatible switching power supplies with a power range from 6kVA to 180kVA. All AFX models feature a single-phase, split-phase and 3-phase output configuration, fully independently adjustable. The voltage range has been extended to 333VLN/576VL. The wide frequency range of the AFX goes from 1Hz to 3000Hz and (...)

Protection Units

Protection Unit (IT-E165A & IT-E118) Before starting a battery test cycle (e.g. charge – discharge) it is important to ensure that the DUT is connected correctly and that the voltage of the source and the DUT match. This is to prevent high currents to the output capacitors in the bi-directional DC power supplies. Itech, supplier of an impressive range of (...)

The new QL bipolar four-quadrant power supplies from H&H

TT&MS BV has expanded its power division with the latest QL series from H&H. This QL series is a completely new line of bipolar power supplies with new functionality, which can function in 2 or 4 quadrants depending on the model. The bipolar power supplies of the QL series have a “SOURCE” and “SINK” mode, which means that the device (...)

The Electronic Single Cell Load

H&H, manufacturer of an impressive line of electronic loads and four quadrant power supplies, has developed the new SCL series especially for testing high-current DUTs such as fuel cells and battery cells. This electronic Single Cell load can load a connected voltage source up to 1,200 A at a minimum input voltage of only 600 mV (standard models) or even (...)

Kalibra International expands with calibration ovens from Isotech

Recently , an independent expert in the field of calibration and validation, purchased no less than eight Isotech portable calibration ovens from TT&MS. The calibration department has been expanded with five Isotech Venus (temperature range -35°C to 140°C), two Jupiters (temperature range 35°C to 660°C) and one Pegasus (temperature range 150°C to 1200°C). IsoCal-6 The units are part of the award-winning IsoCal-6 series. This series of temperature calibrators is designed (...)