Elettrotest S.p.A. was founded in 1986 to develop and manufacture professional electronic products after various end user needs. The first products were made to the purpose of online registration, and for testing and characterizing asynchronous engines. Manufacturing gradually expanded to include various civil and industrial applications control, especially those with thermostatic control for air conditioning and heating.

In accordance with the trend of development test and measurement equipment development, a line of AC power supplies with stabilized and programmable frequencies and voltages was designed. The current product range comprises a complete line of 23 AC power supplies, ranging from 1500VA single phase to three-phase 200kVA units.

– AC single phase power supplies
– AC three-phase power supplies

The big advantage of Elettrotest AC power supplies, is that they are designed to supply inrush current. All units can deliver twice as much than the rated current during three seconds. This is ideal to start engines or provide inrush current to switched DC power supplies.

For a complete list of Elettrotest power supplies, visit their website Elettrotest www.elettrotestspa.it.


Giel van den Broeck

Giel van den Broeck


"TT&MS has always been ready to provide us with state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment. Characteristic is that TT&MS offers an extremely good service, as well as extensive support in the specification and selection of the equipment. The employees are technically well versed, a valuable distinguishing factor compared to other players in the market. Moreover, this technical knowledge is accompanied by a constructive, solution-oriented and personal approach."

Signify Netherlands

Hans Misdom

Signify Netherlands

“I’ve known the people at TTMS for years. An open and honest relationship has developed in which we can say everything to each other, resulting in a short but powerful communication. This increases efficiency, both for me and for TTMS. Ever since I developed monitors at Philips, we have been using their video protocol test equipment for our latest protocols. By listening carefully, TTMS and their manufacturers respond to our needs. The mutual benefit is that we get good support and they make better testers. In my current developments and tests on Signify connected LED lighting systems, we use various power supplies, electronic loads and analyzers. If TTMS has something new that is of interest to me, they know that I am positively critical of it. I’m looking for reliable equipment that is easy to use and TTMS continues to keep an eye out for new possibilities. For many years now, we have had a pleasant cooperation that works both ways. They know the market well and know how to find the right manufacturers for the right equipment.”


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