Spectrum M4x.66xx-x4

The Spectrum M4x.66xx-x4 Series of arbitrary waveform generators are 16-bit digital to analogue converters. There are versions with 1,2 and 4 channels, with sample rates up to 1,25GS/sec. The cards have a 2 slot 3U PXIe format.

All cards in the M4x.66xx-x4 series have standard 2GSample on board memory.

In FIFO mode, it is also possible to stream data from PC memory to the memory of the M4x.66xxx4 card, at a maximum speed of 1.4 GB/sec.

The M4x.66xx-x4 Series consist of 5 different models

Model #  Bandwidth 1-channel  2-channels  4-channels 
M4x.6630-x4 400 MHz 1.25 GS/s  
M4x.6631-x4 400 MHz 1.25 GS/s 1.25 GS/s
M4x.6620-x4 200 MHz 625 MS/s
M4x.6621-x4 200 MHz 625 MS/s 625 MS/s
M4x.6622-x4 200 MHz 625 MS/s 625 MS/s 625 MS/s


All Spectrum arbitrary waveform cards also have features such as Single shot, Multiple replay (segmented memory), Gated replay and sequence mode.

The M4x.66xx-x4 cards come with an extensive package of software support. Drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems (32 bit and 64 bit) are included. Example programs and drivers for C/C+++, LabVIEW (Windows), MATLAB (Windows and Linux), LabWindows/CVI, IVI,. NET, Delphi, Visual Basic and Python are available. A basic licence of the Spectrum software SBench 6 and SPEasy generator is standard included.

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