MI 6800A system Quantized Hall resistance standard

The MI 6800A system Quantized Hall resistance standard is internationally recognized as the representation of the Ohm unit and is the most stable resistance standard known. Many national laboratories and industry consider it a necessity to have highly accurate, traceable reference samples. This is in support of their “hi-tech” environments.

The 6800A system has been developed to meet the needs of national laboratories and primary industrial laboratories worldwide.

In the international system of units, the Ohm is derived from the Volt and the Ampere. In practice, the Quantized Hall resistors in national laboratories have been the unit of resistance to be represented since 1990.

These resistors are semiconductor elements which, when cooled down to 1.2 Kelvin or less in a magnetic field of a few Tesla, produce yield values of resistance that are mainly invariant, and which are assumed to be a multiple of fundamental constants of nature.

According to international agreements, the first multiple corresponds to 25812,807 ohms.

The 6800A system Quantized Hall resistance standard is a fully automated primary standard developed to economically create a reproducible resistance standard. This system is a fully turn-key system, or a total solution. This system also requires little or no manual intervention.

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