The Itech IT-M7700 High Performance programmable AC power supplies are currently available in a 300VA and 1500VA variant in an exceptionally small 1U Half-Rack housing weighing 4.5kg. The Itech IT M-7700 power supplies can generate an AC signal from 45Hz to 1000Hz at 300V, but can also serve as a DC power supply up to 400V. There is the possibility to easily add a DC offset to the AC signal. The phase angle of the sine wave can be infinitely adjusted from 0° to 360°.

The power supplies of the Itech IT-M7700 have a built-in power meter with which up to 12 parameters can be measured including U, I, Hz, VA, PF. Harmonic distortion is displayed up to the 40th, both graphically and numerically. These capabilities make additional measuring equipment unnecessary in many cases.

EMC and Conformity testing with the ITECH IT-M7700

Characteristic of the Itech IT-M7700 series are the extensive possibilities to simulate disturbances. With the user-friendly software, fully customized waveforms can be built which can be sequentially sent to the DUT in the LIST mode with possible voltage drops, interrupts and frequency changes. It is also possible to build distorted signals with harmonics up to the 40th order, integrate dips and spikes into the waveform and apply phase cutting/cutting.

With the 30 pre-programmed distorted signals, the user can easily and quickly call up a specific type of distortion, such as linear and non-linear distortions or, for example, a square wave UPS waveform.

The extensive software also makes it possible to perform EMC tests with the IT-M7700 according to the applicable IEC standards 61000-4-11, 13, 14, 17 and 28. Conformity testing for commercial and military aviation can also be done according to the pre-programmed standards DO-160D, ABD0100, ABD-A350, ABD-AMD24, Boeing 787, MIL-STD-704F and MIL-STD-1399-300B. The IT-M7700 therefore lends itself perfectly to the thorough testing of a very wide range of electronic equipment. This includes not only commercial and military aerospace electronics, but also standard testing of consumer electrical products.

If a higher voltage is required, two power supplies can be connected in series, and it is possible to create a 3-phase network with three power supplies. As standard, the power supply can be controlled via USB, GPIB, LAN and RS-232.

Available models

Model Power (AC/DC) Voltage Current Frequency Volume
IT-M7721 300 VA/300 W 300V 3A 45~1000 Hz 1U Half-Rack
IT-M7722 600 VA/600 W 300V 6A 45~1000 Hz 1U Half-Rack
IT-M7723 1200 VA/1200 W 300V/600V 12A/6A 45~1000 Hz 1U Half-Rack
IT-M7723E 1500 VA/1500 W 300V 15A 45~1000 Hz 2U Half-Rack

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times of one of the Itech IT-M7700 series AC power supplies please contact us. We will gladly advise you in choosing the best power supply for your application.

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IT-M7700 AC power supply

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