Itech IT8400 High Performance High Voltage DC Load

With the Itech IT8400 series, high performance high voltage DC loads, Itech knows how to offer a solution especially for those applications where a relatively fast and dynamic load profile is desired.

The IT8400 high performance high voltage DC loads series is available in a 600V and 1,200V version with an output of 6kW. By means of a Master-Slave parallel mode, a DC load of up to 600kW can be realised over the range of 1.5A to 15,000A. It is also possible to dissipate double the power for 3 seconds. Think of high-power discharge tests on batteries, supercaps or fuel cells.

Besides the remarkable dynamic specifications including a current rise/fall time of 15us, the accuracy of the current measurement is remarkable. Three ranges are available for current readout with maximum resolution as high as 40uA at a sample rate of 500kHz for voltage and current. The built-in test and battery discharge functions make testing super capacitors, fuel cell and power batteries very easy indeed.

For remote operation in an ATE environment, the IT8400 series DC loads feature CAN, LAN, USB, RS232 and analogue interfaces as standard.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.

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