Itech IT-M3900D compact High Power DC Power Supplies

The Itech IT-M3900D compact programmable DC power supplies bring precision and power together in a surprisingly compact enclosure. Clever engineering makes it possible to accommodate powers up to 6kW in an enclosure of only 1U rack height. The 12kW models have similar power density and come in a compact enclosure of 2U height. The IT-M3900D series is available in a wide range of voltage ranges up to 1500V and current ranges up to 1020A. Itech’s powerflex principle provides a wide control range within the available power, making the power supply flexible for multiple applications.

The modular design of the IT-M3900D series makes it easy to build a multifunctional and compact test system with multiple channels, operated simultaneously or independently. If larger powers are required, up to 16 channels can be smoothly switched in parallel in a master/slave combination without affecting specifications. The IT-M3900D test system can thus be used flexibly for both multi-channel and high power applications. Consider an ATE setup for testing DC/DC converters.

For testing the charging cycle of batteries, the IT-M3900D features a battery function. Here parameters such as voltage, current, capacity and charging time can be set and monitored. If parameters are exceeded, the power supply stops the charging cycle, thus ensuring safe operation.

The IT-M3900D is easy to operate and program. Of course, the unit also features a List mode for building and outputting customized DC waveforms. This function provides the ability to define voltage and current as a function of time where rise and fall times are also adjustable.

Similar to the bi-directional versions – the IT-M3900B and IT-M3900C – this IT-M3900D series also comes standard with the usual communication interfaces and compatibility with most communication protocols.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the datasheet of the IT-M3900D.

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