Itech IT-M3900B compact regenerative DC power system

Itech is introducing a new innovative and advanced technology to the market with the IT-M3900B Regenerative DC Power System. This IT-M3900 combines a bi-directional power supply and a fully independently controllable regenerative electronic load in one housing. At the touch of a button, it is easy to switch between the two functions.
In load functionality, the regenerative nature of the IT-M3900B ensures that the absorbed energy is fed back to the local grid with a high efficiency of up to 95%. This eco-friendly design minimises heat generation and helps to significantly reduce electricity costs. This makes the IT-M3900B another pioneering high-tech product and an excellent addition to Itech’s already existing bi-directional range.


The IT-M3900B regenerative power system has a flexible and modular design. The result is an ultra-compact enclosure for powers from 2 to 6kW, 1U high and 12kW, 2U high. To cover the widest possible area of applications, there is a choice of 25 models with a voltage range from 10V to as much as 1500V and current ranges up to 1020A
The IT-M3900B series is modularly designed so that multiple units can be stacked or built into a rack. The user has the option of designing such a multi-channel power supply with synchronised outputs or by master/slave parallel switching to increase the power.

This Itech power/load combination is equipped with a lot of functionality such as a battery emulator and a battery cycle tester, among others.  The IT-M3900B power system also features pre-programmed compliance tests of most common automotive standards. Among others, for testing components such as bi-directional On Board Chargers (B-OBC) and bi-directional DC/DC converters found on the latest electric cars today.

The IT-M3900B series comes standard with a LAN, CAN and USB interface. A GPIB interface and the combination RS232 / analogue interface are optional.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the IT-M3900B datasheet.

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