Network simulation with the Cinergia GE-AC+ series

Grid emulation with Cinergia’s regenerative GE-AC+ series

The GE+ vAC series grid emulators (also called grid simulators) are AC voltage sources specially designed to simulate various AC grids.
The GE+ vAC series is available from 7.5 kVA up to 1200 kVA. The output voltage (L-N) is adjustable per phase between 0-277 (optional 295 Vrms), with the frequency adjustable over a range of 10 to 400 Hz and 360 to 900 Hz in the high-frequency version. Optional DC power supply option, 750VDC or optional 800VDC.

The GE+ vAC series regenerative GRID emulators are 4-quadrant AC power supplies used for testing a variety of products. Thanks to the bi-directional hardware, energy can be supplied to the load as well as fed back from the load to the grid. The regenerative concept makes the GE-AC+ series highly suitable for testing PV inverters, simulating a microGRID and energy-saving applications.

With the new controller board developed by Cinergia, it is now even easier to perform SEMI F47, IEC-61000-4-11 and CBEMA standards tests. These include interrupts and voltage dips (balanced and unbalanced) and up to 50th harmonic distortion per phase, as well as rising voltage with programmable rise and fall time, flicker, overvoltage and programmable internal resistance. The new controller board uses an oversampling technique of 300 kHz on the measured current and voltage. This has increased the resolution and, together with low-noise measurements, provides even better dynamic behaviour (< 1 ms) and extended functionality.

New are the analogue inputs where you can also use the GE+ units as amplifiers for PHIL (Power Hardware in the Loop).

The GE+ is applied for ‘clean’ Grid Emulation with programmable voltage, frequency and phase angle allowing special grid configurations to be set. The unit is applicable as an industrial test platform for burn-in and as a production tester for validation tests in research laboratories, in certification and quality control.

The GE+ vAC is also used for grid disturbances, testing control algorithms for renewable energy sources from solar, wind and hydropower, electromobility, energy storage systems (batteries), aviation grid, microgrids and smartgrids. For detailed specifications, please refer to the GE+ datasheet.

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