Isotech’s new handheld temperature gauge, the TTi-10

Isothermal Technology Limited (Isotech) has long been known as a supplier of highly accurate temperature measuring devices. These include in particular laboratory models such as the microK, the milliK the TTi-22 and the TTi-7.

Now Isotech introduces the new handheld temperature gauge the TTi-10. This is a dual-channel temperature gauge that uses Standard Platinum Resistance temperature probes. With this, the temperature range runs from -80°C to 650°C.
The resolution runs from 0.001°C to 200 degrees to 0.01°C above 200 degrees. Depending on the probe and the measured temperature, you have a measurement accuracy between 0.02 and 0.05 degrees Celcius. (For higher accuracies, you can of course contact us for the TTi-22)

The TTi-10 has a possibility of storing the minimum, maximum and average value up to 4000 measurement points. The measuring interval is adjustable from 1 second to 30 minutes. Using the standard USB interface and Notepad software, you can easily read out these values and graphically display them on the PC. Of course, you have the choice of reading out in degrees Celcius, Kelvin or Ohms.
With this handheld reference temperature gauge, you have an ideal companion for on-site measurements in combination with the Isotech QuickCal, FastCal and Isocal-6 dryblocks.

For a comprehensive datasheet of the TTi-10, click here.

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