Isotech MicroK 100 en 200

Accurate temperature measurement is now made very easy for you. Isothermal Technology Limited (Isotech) has extended the MicroK series with two new models. In addition to the 800 and 400, there are now the 200 and 100µ°C absolute accuracy models.

The MicroK is the world’s only precision temperature gauge suitable for measurements with platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), thermocouples and thermistors. Given the special measurement techniques used in the MicroK for the purpose of drift, it is possible to have literally no temperature drift in comparative resistance measurements. (For voltage measurements, this is only 3ppm per year).

For accurate temperature measurements, it is now indicated that it is best to use two reference probes for higher accuracy and certainty. This is also why the MicroK is equipped with three input channels. This way, you achieve the highest accuracies without adding extra multiplexers and therefore extra uncertainty. Naturally, this temperature gauge has a power source on board to “keep warm” the PRT probes, even if they are not used for an actual measurement. In this way, uncertainties due to power coefficients are completely eliminated.

Besides the MicroK 100 and 200 models, there are models with a slightly less accurate specification, the MikroK 400 and 800. To make this instrument even more reliable, no mechanical switches, relays or potentiometers are used (with the exception of the on/off switch). All switching is done with specially compensated solid state relays.

In combination with the MicroK, the microsKanner has been developed. This 10-channel scanner is an extension of the MicroK temperature gauge, keeping the specifications of the temperature gauge fully intact. Existing scanners will always affect the specifications of the entire measurement system because they are based on mechanical relays and their associated losses. With the microsKanner, the input circuit of the MicroK has been duplicated in the scanner, maintaining the accuracy of the measurement system. A MicroK system can be expanded in this way up to a maximum of 92 channels.

For detailed specifications of the MicroK 100 and 200, download the specifications here

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