Cinergia GE, the Grid Emulator

15 to 200kVA,

Those working with new technologies often face new measurement problems. In high-power applications and smartgrid, it is necessary to be able to efficiently simulate a grid.

The Cinergia Grid Emulator is essentially a regenerative 4-quadrant power supply specifically designed to simulate a grid with all possible disturbances (harmonics, flicker, etc.) and errors that can occur in real-world applications. It also behaves like a real grid, i.e., we can supply power but also record back power. This back recording is fully regenerative in the GE so that only a very small portion of the power is lost. (The efficiency is around 90%).

With a range up to 480Vrms, 230Arms, 40-400Hz and power between 15 and 200kVA, there is a GE available for any application. (Parallel switching of multiple units is also possible.) The three-phase output is fully independently programmable per phase and can be switched in parallel.

The system is built around a proven output stage with a unique DSP control which is completely freely programmable. Standard software is included so you can get started right away. If you have a specific application, a customer-specific solution can also be provided through customized firmware/hardware.
The Grid Emulator has a standard Modbus and TCP (Ethernet) interface. Optional RS485 is also available.

The unit can also be specifically equipped for the IEC61850 standard.
If you have a specific application, a custom solution can always be worked out through Cinergia’s flexible development.

In short, for those who are looking for grid simulation and want to do this as efficiently as possible, the Cinergia Grid Emulator is the ideal tool.

For detailed specifications, please refer to the Grid Emulator datasheet.

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