The new NGU line of DC power supplies from R&S consists of a 2 quadrant NGU201 and a 4 quadrant NGU401 DC power supply of 60W combined with a 6.5 digit DMM.

The power supplies have linear output stages to ensure minimum noise. In addition, the outputs are floating, galvanically isolated and protected against overloads or short circuits.
The NGU has precision measurement capabilities and a very high acquisition rate for measuring voltage, current and power. Through feedback amplifier technology the NGU is accurate down to the nano Ampere range. Every 2uS a measurement can be made so that even the most transient peaks are recorded. The power supplies combine this exceptional performance with a very fast switching time and a minimum of overshoot when switching the load on and off.

R&S NGU201

The bi-directional R&S NGU201 can handle positive and negative currents. It is specifically designed for testing and simulating charge and discharge cycles of battery cells. The power supply switches seamlessly from source to sink mode and has an adjustable output impedance.
With the battery simulator function of the NGU201 any battery model and condition can be configured. Ideal for analysis of battery powered devices such as mobile phones or IoT devices.

R&S NGU401

The bipolar R&S NGU401 can be used in all 4 quadrants. Positive and negative currents but also voltages are possible. The power supply can therefore be perfectly used for testing and characterising semiconductors, among other things. Both in the pass direction and in the reverse direction without having to adjust polarity. The NGU401 also has an external modulation input to simulate disturbances or unstable conditions.

Thanks to the extremely high accuracy and fast recovery time of changing loads, the R&S NGU power supplies are perfectly suited for the most challenging applications where low power and high resolution are required.

For detailed specifications please refer to the Rohde & Schwartz NGU201/401 datasheet.


Arnold Memelink

Arnold Memelink


"The ABB Power Grids Jumet organisation is an innovative development and production facility of ABB that manufactures active filters and battery energy storage systems to support a stable grid. To test these systems we have acquired two Cinergia GE/EL +120kVA eplus units capable of doing grid emulation (AC + DC), operating as an electronic load (AC +DC) and being a battery emulator. We have experienced very good support from TTMS in obtaining these two Cinergia units. This included organising an on-site demonstration and supplying loan systems prior to the delivery of our final systems. This way we could start testing as early as possible. TTMS also organised training for the operators from the original manufacturer. This support allowed us to introduce the first battery energy storage systems even prior to the full delivery of the Cinergia systems."

University of Luxembourg

Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi

University of Luxembourg

“At the Energy and Environment department of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) of the University of Luxembourg we do have different research projects related to green energy contributing to the development of eco-cities. As a long-standing partner of our research unit, TT&MS has proven that they are able to answer even the most complex questions in a professional manner. They have shown that they are always up to date with the latest technology and do not spare any effort to look at the application and even the situation on site. The exchange of ideas was always very pleasant and took place quickly. We look forward to further years of fruitful cooperation.”


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