Pacific Power Source (PPS) has a rich history of providing Harmonics & Flicker test solutions to perform compliance testing to commercial (IEC) testing standards.
With a large number of installed precision AC Power supplies in both commercial and defence-related applications, PPS offers a broad spectrum of software and hardware solutions that help our customers meet regulatory product requirements.

More recently, Pacific Power has developed a turnkey line of IEC Compliance power line emission and immunity test systems. These Harmonics & Flicker Test Systems are called ECTS2 for “EMC Compliance Test Systems, gen 2”. ECTS2 systems are available in a range of power levels and output phase configurations and are all based on programmable AC and or AC+DC power sources from Pacific Power and our Harmonics and Flicker measurement and Flicker Reference Impedance modules.

IEC compliance test

The EMC directive is one of the ‘New Approach’ directives and applies in all 27 European Union (EU) member states. The directive applies to all electronic or electrical products that may cause or be interfered with by electromagnetic interference (EMI). As a result, many manufacturers in the electronics and electrotechnical industry must ensure that their products meet the requirements of the directive and must be able to demonstrate that this is the case in order to affix the CE mark.

To check compliance with these directives, the International Electrotechnical Commission has issued a number of harmonised standards describing test methods, test levels and pass/fail criteria. These include both Power Line Emissions (IEC 61000-3-nn) and Power Line Immunity (IEC 61000-4-nn) standards.

The emission standards for power lines are commonly called Harmonics & Flicker standards and cover single- and three-phase products up to 75 A per phase.

Immunity test standards for power cables cover immunity to commonly occurring abnormalities of AC power cables known to occur on the public low-voltage (LV) network. These standards for conducted immunity are numbered IEC 61000-4-nn. The IEC is one of three global sister organisations (IEC, ISO, ITU) that develop international standards for the world.

Pacific Power Source offers a comprehensive range of IEC 61000-3 AC emission test solutions and pre-programmed IEC 61000-4 AC (and DC) immunity test suites.

For an overview of all the specific IEC test standards supported with the different hardware configurations, please refer to the ECTS2 brochure.


Arnold Memelink

Arnold Memelink


"The ABB Power Grids Jumet organisation is an innovative development and production facility of ABB that manufactures active filters and battery energy storage systems to support a stable grid. To test these systems we have acquired two Cinergia GE/EL +120kVA eplus units capable of doing grid emulation (AC + DC), operating as an electronic load (AC +DC) and being a battery emulator. We have experienced very good support from TTMS in obtaining these two Cinergia units. This included organising an on-site demonstration and supplying loan systems prior to the delivery of our final systems. This way we could start testing as early as possible. TTMS also organised training for the operators from the original manufacturer. This support allowed us to introduce the first battery energy storage systems even prior to the full delivery of the Cinergia systems."

University of Luxembourg

Sasan Rafii-Tabrizi

University of Luxembourg

“At the Energy and Environment department of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine (FSTM) of the University of Luxembourg we do have different research projects related to green energy contributing to the development of eco-cities. As a long-standing partner of our research unit, TT&MS has proven that they are able to answer even the most complex questions in a professional manner. They have shown that they are always up to date with the latest technology and do not spare any effort to look at the application and even the situation on site. The exchange of ideas was always very pleasant and took place quickly. We look forward to further years of fruitful cooperation.”


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