Technix High Voltage is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of regulated high voltage DC power supplies, high voltage capacitor chargers, and high voltage electron beam power supplies, with a wide assortment of power ranges, from 150 W to 200 kW+ (75 J/s up to 100 kJ/s), and voltage from 300 V to 200 kV.

The company is established in Créteil, near Paris, France, since 2000.
Their expertise enables the design of their own high-voltage transformers and high-voltage amplifiers with a high level of flexibility and reliability. All high voltage products (HV products) are based on a modular concept to allow for a wide choice of configurations. Technix sells through a worldwide network to distributors.

In addition to the standard models, it is also possible to produce high voltage power supplies to customer specifications, for both specific research projects as OEM products. Through its R&D team, both electronic and mechanical adjustments can be manufactured.

The basic product line consists of:
– High voltage DC power supplies
– High voltage capacitor chargers

Some of Technix’s strengths are:
– accuracy and stability
– Compactness
– User-friendliness
– High efficiency
– Protected against arcs, overloads, short circuits, and overheating
– Safety
– Speed ​​regulation
– Very limited stored energy
– Low cost per watt

The use of double resonance technology (lien document technology) and the latest semiconductor components (IGBTs), provides compact models and high reliability.
Technix products come with 24-month warranty, starting after delivery. This warranty covers parts and work hours.

For a complete list of Technix products, visit their website


Latefa El Amrani

Latefa El Amrani


As an independent calibration laboratory of electrical/electronic temperature and geometric measuring equipment, we and our customers benefit from accurate measurement results and good traceability. This requires good and stable measurement and control equipment. To achieve this, a reliable partner is needed that offers high quality and thinks along with us, and TTMS is such a partner. We have been working in good collaboration with TTMS for many years. Technical problems are challenges for them and questions are answered quickly and adequately. TTMS is pro-active: they always think along with us. They are also customer-oriented, flexible, committed and reliable. They always live up their appointments. Also, they are experts, provide good advice and deliver the right equipment. In short, MetricControl likes to work with TTMS.

Hypex Electronics

Joop van Bijnen

Hypex Electronics

I have been doing business with TTMS for years. They offer us good advice, and have a wide range of products to choose from. Before we decide to purchase a product, TTMS allows us to use a demonstration model to experience for a few days whether the product meets our expectations. They think along with us and don't try to sell me just anything. Should it occur, for whatever reason, that there is a defect in the equipment of TTMS, they will follow up with the required service with regard to repair and, if necessary, a replacement. With its service, TTMS invests in a good and lasting customer relationship.


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