Magna-Power Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1981, initially focusing on developing customized power electronics and magnetic systems. Pressured by the rapid design cycles, Magna-Power Electronics developed a solid position in the designing and prototyping customized power supplies, and producing magnetic components in small volumes. Customers perceived good craftsmanship and demanded their designs in production quantities. In satisfying these desires, Magna-Power Electronics evolved into a production company.

Magna-Power Electronics applied its strength in power technique by using modular building elements in the production of DC power supplies. The building elements were made interchangeable, facilitating the configuration of systems to specific customer requirements. Investment in inventory and adapting products for system-oriented production, established Magna-Power Electronics as a leader in delivering high-performance and competitive DC power supplies.

The product portfolio consists of five series, ranging in power from 1600 W to > 2 MW. The voltage range varies from 5 V to 10.000 V, with current ranges from 0.2A to 24.000A.

In 2016, Magna-Power presented its MagnaLOAD electronic DC loads product line. This portfolio consists of three series, ranging from 1.25 kW to 120 kW+, with voltage ranges from 0 to 1,000 Vdc, and current ranges up to 1,200 Adc.

Types of models:
DC power supplies
DC loads

Magna-Power Electronics’ products are proudly manufactured in the USA. The headquarters in Flemington, New Jersey, are vertically integrated and company grafted on a parcel comprising over 6,800 square meters. The entire development, production, and service for North American customers is executed at the head office.

The vertical integration is used in the production process to maintain full control on quality, delivery, and cost of the customized products. Internal processes were added as the company expanded. The process currently includes, among others:

Research and development
Magnetic coil
– Production of magnetic core
– Full sheet metalwork
– Cable protection
– Powder coating
– Laminated bus bar manufacturing
– Production of air and water-cooled heat sinks
– Circuit board assembly
Final assembly, testing and burn-in

The vertical integration ensures that Magna-Power Electronics can produce an extensive line of high quality electronic products, yet realizing a lead time of three weeks for products ranging from 1.6 kW to 15 kW. Casing design teams and production teams operate at the same location, which allows for smooth team cooperation and continuous process and production improvements.

For a complete list of Magna-Power products, visit their website


Giel van den Broeck

Giel van den Broeck


"TT&MS has always been ready to provide us with state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment. Characteristic is that TT&MS offers an extremely good service, as well as extensive support in the specification and selection of the equipment. The employees are technically well versed, a valuable distinguishing factor compared to other players in the market. Moreover, this technical knowledge is accompanied by a constructive, solution-oriented and personal approach."

Signify Netherlands

Hans Misdom

Signify Netherlands

“I’ve known the people at TTMS for years. An open and honest relationship has developed in which we can say everything to each other, resulting in a short but powerful communication. This increases efficiency, both for me and for TTMS. Ever since I developed monitors at Philips, we have been using their video protocol test equipment for our latest protocols. By listening carefully, TTMS and their manufacturers respond to our needs. The mutual benefit is that we get good support and they make better testers. In my current developments and tests on Signify connected LED lighting systems, we use various power supplies, electronic loads and analyzers. If TTMS has something new that is of interest to me, they know that I am positively critical of it. I’m looking for reliable equipment that is easy to use and TTMS continues to keep an eye out for new possibilities. For many years now, we have had a pleasant cooperation that works both ways. They know the market well and know how to find the right manufacturers for the right equipment.”


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