Höcherl & Hackl (H&H)

Höcherl & Hackl GmbH (H&H) is a German company started in 1986 as a partnership between Helmut Höcherl and Johann Hackl. They have been developing and manufacturing electronic loads and systems for testing DC power supplies. Robust and reliable electronic loads that last for ever.

They are constantly working on the development of new products and improvement of the existing products. This so far did result in products as the bi-directional power supplies, new AC-loads and unique products like the zero volt electronic DC loads. With a basis of decades of know-how they even develop custom-made products.

The latest innovative milestone is the new load series SCL, our so-called single cell load. This unit is specially designed for DUTs that deliver high currents down to near 0 V or even right into short circuit. They are therefore ideally suited for testing fuel cells.

The product range includes:

A company that is proud to deliver quality products, with better extreme specifications and the best services available in the market. Real German made products. For detailed information about the complete product line see www.hoecherl-hackl.com/.

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