Active Technologies is a spin-off from the University of Ferrara University in Italy.  A number of the technical specialists who participated in a major European research project in the field of semiconductors decided in 2002 to continue the knowledge acquired in the new company Active Technologies.

The research results have led to innovative new techniques in the field of Digital to Analog converters, which are the basis for State of the Art new pulse, function and arbitrary function generators.  You can easily generate the most complex signals, combined with adjustable jitter, noise and signal pollution.

Applications for the most advanced pulse generators in particular are in the semi conductor industry: advanced research projects and for example the radar and automotive industry.

Let yourself also be surprised by the price/performance of this relatively new supplier with these progressive new technologies in those applications where even your existing suppliers fail.

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Hans Verhees

Hans Verhees

Victron Energy

We don’t buy measuring instruments, we purchase solutions for specific measurement problems. I like to buy from TTMS, given their knowledge of test solutions in power electronics. I hate sellers. TTMS helps us to make the right choice. They even come up with instrumentation from manufacturers they do not represent themselves. And always with the perfect service: they are not complicated and just arrange what is needed.

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

Jan Serné

Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam

In my role within the calibration and quality lab, it is a continuous striving for quality for me. In order to ensure this, the right support from, amongst others, suppliers is essential. TTMS understands this like no other, and I have been doing business with them for years. If I need to describe the business relationship with TTMS, it would be that it’s both constructive and instinctive. The measurement instrumentation is reliable. In addition to this, TTMS’ expertise of test and measuring equipment complements the STCA.


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