270Vdc in Avionics

When you look at the aviation industry, you can see that there is also a tendency here to use more and more electrical energy (electricity). Not to mention fully electric flying! For this reason, there is a need for improvements in both new and existing concepts without increasing weight.

A solution for the increasing electrical consumption is to increase the voltage level of the electrical network on the aircraft. In recent years, we have seen the increasing use of a third system based on 270Vdc in addition to the 115V/400Hz AC and 28Vdc electrical board network. This 270Vdc system for aviation was first defined in MIL-STD-704B 17 Nov. Battery systems in this voltage range have been in use in the maritime world for much longer due to their relatively high power density and capacity. The new interest in the use of the 270Vdc grid within avionics is also partly due to the development of new electromechanical equipment that can replace traditional pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Increased operating voltage provides improved electrical efficiency, contributes to the weight reduction of the aircraft, improves aircraft safety/reliability and provides positive environmental impacts.

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