The ZS series DC loads (EOL)

The H&H ZS series DC loads are replaced by the H&H PLI series. Suitable for voltages from 60Vdc to 800Vdc (up to 1200Vdc on request) and currents up to 2,250A. The power range is from 500W to 28.8kW. This can be extended by means of master / slave combinations to more than 100kW. The loads can be used in constant voltage, current, resistance or power mode. A temporary overload is permitted depending on the voltage range (up to 300V).

Furthermore, the ZS series DC loads are ideally suited for characterizing solar panels. In combination with the zero volt and data acquisition option, a voltage whip can be created from -1V to Voc. Dynamic loads are also possible. Manually this can be established with two levels via the front panel, including variable frequency. Complete dynamic profiles can be created using the supplied software. For more advanced load profiles, an analog input is available. This can be used in combination with, for example, an arbitrary function generator to produce fast dynamic signals. The measured values for these profiles (both voltage and current) can be stored, together with the data acquisition option, in the internal memory.

The ZS loads are protected against reverse polarity, excessive currents, voltage, temperature and power.
The noise level is limited by temperature-controlled fans.


The ZS series DC loads can be optionally equipped with an RS-232, GPIB and Ethernet interface. If necessary, an isolated analog I/O is also available.
There are several software packages available. In addition, a Labview driver is also available should you want to combine this load in an automatic test setup.
All control functions of the ZS series electronic loads are also adjustable or controllable via the standard analog interface, where various parameters can be read analogically.

The ZS series is divided into a voltage range of 60V, 120V, 300V, 600V and 800V. Optionally there are also 1200V versions available.
Power runs from 500W, 800W, 1800W, 1800W, 3200W and continues in steps of 1600W, up to a maximum of 28,800W.
In the 500W models there are 3 or 4 current ranges, which allows you to work very accurately at low but also high currents.


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