The Vitrek V7x series safety testers

The Vitrek V7x series safety testers are characterized by the 4.3″ touch screen.
This in combination with the favourable price / performance ratio of the six different models makes the series unique compared to other safety / hipot testers.
The different models are built with the possibility of an extension of functionality.
This always starts with an AC output and a milli ohm resistance meter and is then optionally extended with DC, Isolation resistance meter and Ground Bond.
In the same line there is also a 16 channel HV scanner available.

All Vitrek V7x models are standard equipped with a USB interface and an RS232 interface.
With the optional Vitrek’s QuickTest Pro software the realization of automatic tests becomes very easy.

The features of the Vitrek V7x series in brief

  • Color 4.3″ touch LCD screen
  • AC Hipot 10 – 5000Vrms
  • DC Hipot 20 – 5000V
  • Insulation resistance up to 450Gigohm
  • Ground bond: 1-30A
  • Low resistance: 0 – 60kOhm
  • Digital I/O, USB, RS232

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