The Vitrek PA920 is the latest addition to the PA900 series of power analyzers and stands out for its flexibility, exceptional ease of use and extremely high accuracy (up to 0.024% for power measurements). Like the other power meters in the PA-900 series, the PA-920 consists of a mainframe with the possibility of up to 4 input channels. The PA920 has a user-friendly high-resolution colour touch screen with 800×480 pixels. The unit is easy to operate and the display can be programmed into a ‘custom display’ according to your own wishes.

Extensive measuring options

The Vitrek PA920 has several specific measuring screens that are directly accessible through the open menu structure. In the power measurement screen, the numerical displays of V, A, Hz, W, VA, VAR and PF are visible per channel. But also efficiency measurements or starting currents can be measured here. The PA920 can perform and store up to 100 measurements per second for each channel, at its maximum accuracy. The measurements can be recalled afterwards, and can be displayed graphically as a function of time.

The oscilloscope screen of the PA920 gives you all the capabilities of a digital oscilloscope. The measured voltages and currents are accurately displayed graphically. With the Zoom function you can then analyze them in detail. Another nice addition is the vector diagram. This graphically shows the mutual phase angles and amplitudes of the voltages and currents.

The PA920 enables harmonic measurements up to the 500th harmonic. This is particularly interesting for aviation where such numbers are included in the standard. The measured spectrum can easily be compared with the integrated harmonic emission standards EN61000-3-2, 3-12, and 4-7.

Other standards are also present such as RTCA DO-160E/F/G , Boeing 787B3-0147, Airbus ABD0100.1.8 (A380) and ABD0100.1.8.1 (A350) for aviation.  EN60034-2-1:2014 for engine controls and EN50564:2011 for standby power measurements.

Flexibly configurable

The Vitrek PA920 is custom configurable with a choice of seven cards. Modules are available with ultra high accuracy for power measurements up to 0.024% and a range up to 30A. Also modules up to 1600V are available for the higher voltages. Modules up to 5Mhz are also available for high bandwidths. Specifically for motor measurements a torque/speed input module is available.

Data can easily be stored with the USB port on the front of the PA920 and can communicate with LAN, RS232 and USB ports on the back.

The modules for the Vitrek PA920

  • UT Channel Card – Ultra-Precision Dual Shunt (1, 30A) Channel Card
  • UX Channel Card – Ultra-Precision External Current Transducer Input Channel Card
  • BT Channel Card – High Bandwidth Dual Shunt (1, 30A) Channel Card
  • BX Channel Card – High Bandwidth External Current Transducer Channel Card
  • KT Channel Card – Kilovolt (1.6kVrms Continuous) Dual Shunt (1, 30A) Channel Card
  • KX Channel Card – Kilovolt (1.6kVrms Continuous) External Current Transducer Input
  • MT Channel Card – Motor Transducer Channel Card


For installations where more than 4 channels are required, it is possible to combine several mainframes in which the measuring channels are synchronised and all channels can also be used for e.g. efficiency measurements.

Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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