Vitrek Model PA900 series power analyzer

The Vitrek PA900 series power meter consists of a mainframe and four different input modules. There is also room for a maximum of four modules in the mainframe.
This power analyzer stands out for its high accuracy, versatile functionality and full color touch screen operation. Complex operation of the power and energy meters really belongs to the past. With a bandwidth of up to 5 MHz, the PA900 can also be used as a harmonics analyzer.

Depending on the desired specifications you can choose from:
A basic module with a bandwidth of 1MHz and an accuracy of 0.1%.
For accurate applications there is also a module with an accuracy of 0.03%.
For higher frequencies there is also a card with a bandwidth up to 5 MHz and for the extremely low voltages there is a module up to 10 uV.
Especially for motor applications there is also a torque / speed input module.

A short overview of the Vitrek Model PA900:

1-4 modular power channels up to 1000Vrms, 30A
full performance for crest factors as high as 30:1
Bandwidth up to 1MHz or 5MHz
Build in data logger (internal memory or USB)
Custom power data screens

Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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