The Vitrek 4700 precision high voltage meter

The Vitrek 4700 precision high voltage meter has an exceptionally high level of measurement accuracy yet is surprisingly easy to use with its high resolution colour touch screen. The Vitrek’s DSP technology makes it possible to carry out extremely accurate AC and DC voltage measurements with an accuracy of 0.03% DC and 0.1% true RMS AC with a high stability and a high measuring resolution.

To ensure the best possible measurement accuracy, the 4700 takes more than 40,000 measurements per second, which are then filtered, sampled, scaled and offset corrected. In addition, the 4700 offers VLF (very low frequency) AC measurements down to 0.01 Hz, as well as peak-to-peak, crest factor and fundamental frequency measurements.

Direct measurement or HV SmartProbe™

Without external probes, the Vitrek 4700 precision high voltage meter has a measurement range up to 10KV DC or ACrms. High enough to satisfy in most situations. However, for applications with even higher voltages, probes are available up to 35KV, 70KV, 100KV and 150KV. For this purpose, the 4700 is equipped with 2 extra probe connections. Use one probe to extend the measuring range to 150KV or use two probes for high voltage differential measurements.

The Vitrek SmartProbes™ each have their own calibration data that is downloaded to the 4700 each time they are connected. This results in highly accurate, calibrated readings and the possibility of using the probes with any Vitrek 4700. The probes are also equipped with the patented ultra low Temperature Coefficient design that minimises self-heating. A low input capacity ensures that AC measurements can be made in the best conditions.

Automating high voltage testing

The Vitrek 4700 precision high voltage meter is equipped with a LAN Ethernet port, a fast serial communication port and an optional GPIB port. This makes the high voltage meter fully programmable and perfectly usable for automatic tests. Program a measuring mode, bandwidth and the number of measurements to be carried out over a time span ranging from a few seconds to several days. In Shart Mode, the measurements can be plotted graphically. Very useful for determining the linearity and overshoot of rising and falling edges in Hipot testers and other high voltage sources. The Vitrek 4700 is also equipped with a printer port for easy printing of the stored measurement results and graphic plots. The meter can be equipped with a battery to operate for up to 11 hours without a mains power supply.

The Vitrek 4700 is the ideal high voltage meter to be used in many areas. Whether it is for a laboratory carrying out pioneering research, a calibration laboratory certifying test equipment, or for a production line of medical instrumentation testing; the Vitrek 4700 is the right instrument to perform the task to perfection.

The 4700 and probes come with an ISO17025 accredited calibration and test report.

Vitrek High Voltage Probes

HVP-35 35KV Handheld Probe
HVL-35 35KV Bench Top Lab Probe
HVL-70 70KV Bench Top Lab Probe
HVL-100 100KV Bench Top Lab Probe
HVL-150 150KV Bench Top Lab Probe
HVL-35G 35KV High Impedance Lab Probe
HVL-70G 70KV High Impedance Lab Probe
HVL-100G 100KV High Impedance Lab Probe

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