The NGU line of DC power supplies from R&S consists of the 2-quadrant bi-directional NGU201 and the 4-quadrant bipolar NGU401 DC power supply of 60W combined with a 6.5 digit DMM. The NGU201 is adjustable from 0V to 20V and can supply currents but also dissipate up to 8A due to its bi-directional design. The bipolar NGU401 adds the additional functionality of working with negative voltages from -20V to 20V. The bi-directional and bipolar models feature extremely fast load regulation of less than 30us with minimal overshoot, even at maximum load changes.

The NGU power supply with 6.5 digit measurement combination has two voltage ranges and six current ranges allowing accuracy up to 1uV/100pA. Remote sense outputs are provided to eliminate the voltage drop over cabling and provide the most accurate voltage possible.

With the data logging function FastLog, voltage and current are recorded every 2hS. Every momentary peak is detected and recorded effortlessly and with the greatest precision.

Sequences can be programmed containing up to 2048 different steps for voltage and current per cycle. The dwell time of each step can be set from 100us to 10 hours. This makes it possible to create very short voltage drops, for example, to test the start-up behaviour of a device. Or long test sequences to perform endurance tests that take weeks.

The R&S NGU series is equipped with a large high resolution touch screen of 800×480 pixels. This makes the measurements and settings of this power supply/measuring combination clear and easy to operate.


The bi-directional R&S NGU201 is specifically designed for testing and simulating battery cells. Multiple battery types (Pb, lithium-ion, NiCd and NiMH) are pre-configured. Depending on the application, you can easily change the parameters to your own liking. There is also the possibility to save own battery models in the NGU201 via USB. Simulation is possible with any battery type and the capacity, state of charge and open circuit voltage can be specifically set to perfectly simulate any situation.


The bipolar R&S NGU401 is operational in all 4 quadrants. This makes this power supply/measurement combination ideal for characterising semiconductors, for example. This can be done in each quadrant without having to adjust polarity in the test setup.

Thanks to the extremely high accuracy and fast recovery time from changing loads, the R&S NGU bi-directional and bipolar power supplies are perfectly suited to the most challenging applications where low power and high resolution are required.

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