The PMLA series DC loads

The PMLA series DC loads from Höcherl & Hackl is a configurable multi-channel electronic load that can combine up to twelve channels in one 19″ – 2 HU mainframe. There are three slots each with four places for load modules. By combining Master-Slave units, up to 72 synchronized channels can be achieved per system.

There are 28 different load modules available in four power ranges and four different input voltages. The maximum voltage of these modules runs from 40 V via 60 V, 120 V up to 240 V. The currents run from 1 A up to and including 120 A. Depending on the power range, one module occupies one (150 W), two (300 W), three (450 W) or four places (600 W).


Different loads can be configured, e.g. 1 x 600 W + 1 x 450 W + 2 x 300 W + 5 x 150 W. The maximum total power is 1800 W per rack unit. This allows the loads to be easily configured for DUTs with multiple outputs.

Control characteristics

The units can operate in constant current, constant voltage, constant power and constant resistance mode. Limit values for voltage and current are adjustable. It is also possible to load dynamically with a list of up to 100 setpoints. An automatic data acquisition function makes it possible to store 100 setpoints (time, voltage and current) of all channels internally.

Interfaces and remote control

There is a range of interface options. Ethernet, USB, RS-232 are standard. Optional are: analog I/O, CAN and GPIB. Via SCPI the load can be controlled and read out remotely. LabVIEW drivers are available for the devices.

Applications of the H&H PMLA series DC loads

Applications include calibration of output voltages on driver outputs, simulation of consumers on the on-board grid and usage testing of batteries and accumulators. The H&H PMLA can also be used for testing cables and wiring harnesses, dc/dc converters, fuses and switch-disconnectors, dampers, circuit boards, motor management systems and sensors.
Because the inputs are galvanically isolated, they can easily be configured for multi-channel Burn-In setups.

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