The MEATEST M160 Portable Precision DC Calibrator

The Meatest M160 is a portable precision DC calibrator and ideal for calibrating meters and sensors within the process industry. Thanks to its dimensions, this laboratory instrument is also suitable for on-site calibrations and verifications of process instrumentation.

The robust design in combination with an excellent 20 ppm accuracy makes the M160 also suitable for use in production environments. In addition to the voltage and current outputs, which can handle relatively high loads, this DC calibrator is also suitable for RTD and thermocouple simulation, as well as resistance and frequency generation. Equipped with the -91 option, temperature can be measured directly at the output terminals. An internal cold weld compensation is then provided.

In the design of the calibrator, user friendly operation has been explicitly taken into account in order to be able to perform calibrations easily and clearly. The most important parameters of both the generated and measured signals are displayed on a large LCD screen together with relevant details such as range, accuracy and load limit. Calibration of the M160 itself can easily be carried out by using the keyboard, eliminating the need for internal mechanical adjustments.

When used in an automated ATE setup, the M160 can be controlled via an RS232, USB, LAN or GPIB interface. In addition, the unit is suitable for WinQbase/Caliber calibration software including the CamOCR module for the optical reading of UUT readouts.

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