The Itech IT6300 Series DC power supplies includes high quality programmable three-channel DC power supplies where each output voltage and current can be set from 0 to maximum rated power.

Available maximum output voltages are 5V, 30V and 60V and a maximum current of 6A at 30V. The outputs can be connected in series and parallel. A tracking mode is also available for proportional control of all three channels simultaneously. This makes these power supplies very versatile and versatile. The IT6300 series has a high resolution of 1mV / 1mA and a remote sense function, which makes testing more accurate.

The fan is temperature controlled, eliminating unnecessary noise. The IT6300 series is equipped with OVP and OTP protection. An RS232, USB or GPIB interface is available on almost all models.


The following models are available:

Model Output Configuration Interface
IT6302 30V/3A/90W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH Optional RS232/USB
IT6322A 30V/3A/90W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB
IT6322B 30V/3A/90W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB/GPIB
IT6332A 30V/6A/180W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB
IT6332B 30V/6A/180W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB/GPIB
IT6333A 60V/3A/180W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB
IT6333B 60V/3A/180W*2CH; 5V/3A/15W*1CH RS232/USB/GPIB

The IT6300 series power supplies are widely used in schools and universities, in production line testers and for maintenance tests.

If you have any questions about prices and/or delivery times of one of the Itech IT6300 Series DC power supplies, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the best power supply for your application.

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