NF corporation has expanded its HSA series of bipolar amplifiers with three new models. The amplifiers have a bandwidth of DC to 1MHz and have a high switching speed of 475V per microsecond. With an external signal generator (max 10V input), the waveforms can be amplified up to 150Vp-p at a maximum current of 3Ap-p, 6Ap-p and 12Ap-p. All this at a very low output impedance that is also adjustable.

Due to the bipolar design of the NF HSA series, the amplifier is operational in all 4 quadrants. This makes it possible to supply and absorb current at both positive and negative voltages. This makes the HSA extremely suitable for driving inductive and capacitive loads.


HSA42011 DC-1MHz, 0-150Vp-p, 0-3Ap-p, DC offset,

HSA42012 DC-1MHz, 0-150Vp-p, 0-6Ap-p, DC offset,

HSA42014 DC-1MHz, 0-150Vp-p, 0-12Ap-p, DC offset,


The gain of the HSA bipolar amplifiers can be infinitely and precisely adjusted with a precision potentiometer. Fixed gain factors are also available: 1x, 10x, 20x and 50x.
If higher voltages are required, 2 amplifiers can be coupled in a balanced arrangement. With the DC bias output, an offset can easily be added to the amplified waveform.


The four quadrant design of the HSA bipolar amplifier makes the unit suitable for applications involving the control of capacitors, coils, transformers and, for example, batteries. Think for example of multilayer ceramic capacitors for applications in the automotive industry. The capacity becomes higher and the housing smaller. In combination with a frequency analyzer, the HSA amplifier lends itself extremely well to the characterisation of these capacitors.

It can also be used to measure the resonance characteristics of piezoelectric elements or to evaluate the hysteresis curve of magnetic materials.

The NF corporation HSA series is widely used for driving the most challenging applications.

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