The Chroma 9102 Hipot Calibrator

This calibration device is specially designed as a standard device for the calibration of laboratory instruments. The Chroma 9102 Hipot Calibrator can simulate multiple loads and is applicable to various Hipot testers. With this calibration tool manufacturers can save a lot of costs for calibration.


The features of the Chroma 9102;

  • GPIB Interface
  • RS-232 Interface
  • AC/DC/IR/DCR Test
  • 8 Channel Scanner
  • 5kV Insulation Resistance test
  • High speed contact check


About Safety Testers in general

Safety testers, also called hipot testers, are to perform all your safety tests in a fast, efficient and accurate way. By safety tests we mean AC/DC high voltage tests, insulation resistance, ground bond and leakage current tests.

In addition, these devices are also equipped with features such as OSC (open/short check), ARC detection (decisive test) and of course detection systems to guarantee your own safety.

The high voltage tests can be performed up to a test voltage of 20kV and the insulation resistance can be measured between 0.1 M ohm and 50 G ohm. The ground bond test, which serves to test the quality of the ground connection, can be up to 60A. And finally, you can test the leakage current of a device at 300V to 20A.

In addition to a single test, the safety testers can also be used in automatic test rigs. The units are fully programmable and a whole sequence of different tests can be performed one after the other. This makes them very suitable for use in R&D environments as well as automatic production environments. Furthermore, there are several interface options such as RS-232 and GPIB.

For those for whom a single connection is not sufficient, these units can be equipped with a multiplexer. This makes it possible to connect up to 16 channels at the same time in order to perform measurements with multiple connection points in a quick and easy way.

With its line of Hipot testers, Chroma has brought the most advanced devices on the market and enables you to guarantee the safety of your own products to your customers.

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