The Chroma 63600 series modular DC loads

The 63600 series modular DC loads from Chroma ATE consists of a 19 inch mainframe, containing up to 5 slots. The mainframe can be filled with a variety of DC load modules. Multiple mainframes can be combined in a master/slave combination. This allows you to synchronize up to 100 channels. All channels are isolated from each other.
With the Chroma 63600 series the user has a choice of four different plugin modules with a power of 2 x 100, 300 and 400Watt, suitable for currents from 15A to 80A. The voltage ranges are 0-80Vdc and 0-600Vdc. At a maximum of 0.5V, you have the full current range at your disposal.

The loads operate in CC, CV, CR and CP mode and also have the unique CZ mode. With the CZ mode a load with capacitive properties can be simulated. Furthermore, the individual load modules of the 63600 series can be connected in parallel to realise a higher current or power.


The modular DC loads from the 63600 series are ideal for realizing dynamic load profiles. If necessary, they can be connected synchronously to all channels. To also test the frequency dependence of your design there is a possibility of a frequency sweep up to 50 kHz.
In combination with an arbitrary waveform generator you can even create any desired waveform. Characteristic are the many programmable parameters such as slew rate, load level, duration and conducting voltage.

The 63600 series modular DC loads are equipped with a 16-bit measuring circuit for voltage and current. This guarantees highly accurate real-time measurements which can then be stored in the internal memory. There is also a standard Timing function for testing the capacity of batteries. And an MPPT function for testing the maximum power point of an area solar panel. For the 63600 series, various software tools are also available, as well as the Labview drivers.

The 63600 series models are:

  • 63600-1 : 63600 Mainframe for Single Modules (no digital interface possible)
  • 63600-2 : 63600 Mainframe for 2 Modules
  • 63600-5 : 63600 Mainframe for 5 Modules
  • 63610-80-20 : DC Load Module, 80V/20A/100Wx2
  • 63630-80-60 : DC Load Module, 80V/60A/300W
  • 63630-600-15 : DC Load Module, 600V/15A/300W
  • 63640-80-80 : DC Load Module, 80V/80A/400W



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