The Chroma 6310A series DC loads 200W – 1200 W

The Chroma 6310A series DC loads 200W – 1200 W are modular loads. This series consists of a 2- or 4-slot mainframe and 12 plug-in modules. In this way, a versatile multi-channel test system can be put together with a wide variety of specifications. All channels are galvanically isolated from each other.

With the Chroma 6310A series DC loads, the user has a choice of modules with power ratings from 200 to 1200 Watt and currents from 0.5mA to 240A. The voltage ranges are between 0.5mV to 600V. The loads operate in CC, CV, CR and CP mode and can be connected in parallel to achieve a higher current or power.

The modular DC loads of the 6310A series are ideally suited to realise dynamic load profiles up to 20 kHz. Typical are the many programmable parameters such as slew rate, load level, duration and conducting voltage. A 16-bit measuring circuit guarantees accurate real-time measurements of voltage and current.

Led drivers

Especially for the testing of LED drivers Chroma has developed 3 special load modules for the 6310A series. This LED load contains a unique LED mode in which variables such as dynamic resistance (Rd) and internal resistance (Rr) can be programmed for the simulation of LED ripple current and are suitable for PWM dimming tests.

For the 6310A series various software tools are also available, as well as the Labview drivers.

The 6310A series modular DC loads consists of the following mainframes and plug-in modules:

  • 6312A : Mainframe for 2 Load Modules
  • 6314A : Mainframe for 4 Load Modules
  • 63101A : Load Module 80V/40A/200W
  • 63102A : Load Module 80V/20A/100W x 2
  • 63103A : Load Module 80V/60A/300W
  • 63105A : Load Module 500V/10A/300W
  • 63106A : Load Module 80V/120A/600W
  • 63107A : Load Module 80V/5A & 40A/30W & 250W
  • 63108A : Load Module 500V/20A/600W
  • 63112A : Load Module 80V/240A/1200W
  • 63123A : Load Module 120V/70A/350W

LED Load Simulator for LED Driver Test:

  • 63110A : Load Module 500V/2A/100W x 2
  • 63113A : Load Module 300V/20A/300W
  • 63115A : Load Module 600V/20A/300W

Chroma also has the 6330A series modular DC loads.


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