19032P Electrical Safety Analyzer from Chroma

Electrical safety tests are an important part of the quality testing of electrical products. All electrical products with a plug such as adapters, switching power supplies, chargers, white goods, brown goods, information and communication equipment must be tested for electrical safety. The 19032P Electrical Safety Analyzer from Chroma is a 5-in-1 tester, which gives you the following test capabilities:

  • High voltage test AC/DC (Hi-pot test)
  • Insulation test (IR),
  • Ground connection test (Ground bond (GB))
  •  Leakage current test (LC)
  • Dynamic leakage current test (dynamic LC)


This complete instrument can save half the production space compared to the purchase of the various testers. In addition, the Chroma 19032P can be expanded with various scanner cards. This allows multiple points of a test object to be connected simultaneously, making testing more efficient and safer. Characteristic for the 19032P is its suitability for special medical safety tests including the IEC 60601.


The 19032P Electrical safety analyzer is suitable for the most common safety tests and can be used to test a wide variety of electrical products. These include; inspection and quality testing, production testing, for validation during development, domestic appliances, medical equipment, EV and solar, PV invertor.

The most important features are

– Floating Output Design meet EN50191
– 500VA Power Rating
– Five instruments in one: AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond and Leakage Current (Option)
– Twin-PortTM function (Patent)
– Programmable output voltage to 5kV AC and 6kV DC
– Insulation resistance to 50GΩ/1000V DC
– Ground bond up to 30A (Option up to 40A / 60A)
– Open/Short check(OSC)
– ARC detection (Flashover)
– Password Protected front panel lockout
– Storage of 50 Tests Setups with 100 Steps per setup
– Optional dynamic leakage current auto scanning (A190305/A190306/A190307/A190308)
– Standard RS-232 Interface
– Standard GB Offset KIT, SCANNER Interface
– GPIB Interface (Optional)
– Bar-code Scanner (Optional)
– EST software for test programming, data mining, statistic (Optional)
– UL, TüV ,CE mark (Model 19032)
– CE mark (Model 19032-P)


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