TGF3000 arbitrary function generators from Aim-TTi

The TGF3000 series is the latest series of Aim-TTi arbitrary function generators with industry leading performance and unrivalled value for money.
The TGF3000 series  arbitrary function generators have frequency range up to 160MHz or 80MHz, is combined with two identical programmable channels that can function as independent generators or in coupled or tracking modes. Precise channel-to-channel phase control is then possible with a resolution of 0.001°.

Many standard waveforms

A wide range of built-in waveforms is included including, Sine, Square, Pulse, Disaster, Arbitrary and Noise. In the TGF3162 unit, this is extended as standard with special waveforms such as Harmonic waveforms and Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence waveform. And of course all models have a possibility of arbitrary waveforms with a 16-bit resolution and a maximum sample rate of 800Msa/sec.
In addition, there is an extensive range of modulations. Both analog and digital.
And then there are the gated, burst and sweep modes. These can be triggered both internally and externally.

PC software

Simple arbitrary waveforms can easily be created on the generator itself but if you want to create particularly complex waveforms this can be done with the standard Waveform Manager Plus software supplied.

Waveforms can be created using mathematical descriptions, drawn by hand, a combination of existing waveforms from memory or even using imported waveforms.
The TGF3000 series of arbitrary function generators can be controlled via USB and LXI according to the LAN standard. If desired, a GPIB interface is also available as an option.

The TTi TGF3000 series

This Arbitrary Waveform Generator series includes two models: Two channels with 80 MHz or 160 MHz.

TGF3162 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator 160 MHz
TGF3082 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator 80 MHz.

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