Technix SR series DC 15 kW – 40 kW high-voltage Power Supplies

The Technix SR series DC high-voltage power supplies are programmable DC power supplies, available from 15 kW to 40 kW. The large variation of a total of 17 standard available voltage ranges, from 0-300Vdc to no less than 0-200 kV, is striking.

Double resonance technology

Technix SR series DC high-voltage power supplies are characterised by the use of double resonance technology. They have a large number of advantages, such as compactness, reliability and robustness. Both output voltage and output current are infinitely adjustable and have an automatic crossover from Constant Voltage (CV) to Constant Current (CC) mode and vice versa. The SR series is protected against Arcing (ARC), short circuit and too high a temperature and is equipped with a remote inhibit & interlock and safety switch.


The high-voltage DC power supplies in the SR series are available with a positive or negative output. But in certain situations the option floating and reversible is also possible. Applications include Air Filtration, Air Quality Testing, Dielectric Testing, Electro-Static Chuck, Food and Beverage, Testing Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers, Water Quality Analysis, Capillary Electrophoresis, Cell Separation, Imaging, Spectrometry, Baggage Scanners, Radiation Detection, Threat Detection, in cathode ray tubes, generation of X-rays and particle beams, for ignition, photomultiplier tubes, high power amplifier vacuum tubes and many industrial, medical en scientific applications.

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