End of live of the Spectrum M2i.46xx series.

The Spectrum M2i.46xx series is replaced by the M2p.59xx series digitizers.

Spectrum M2i.46xx

The Spectrum M2i.46xx series digitizer cards are 16-bit digitizers with a maximum sample rate of 3MS/sec. Depending on the model, you will have up to 8 channels. Channels can be combined for differential inputs. Up to 16 cards can be synchronized in one system. There is also an optional 8-channel asynchronous digital input/output output. Synchronization with the digital I/O cards and arbitrary waveform generators from the M2i series is also possible.

All cards in the M2i.46xx series have a maximum of 1GSample on board memory. In FIFO mode, it is possible to simultaneously transmit the data to PC memory and retrieve new data. The data streaming speed depends on the PCI or PCI-express interface.

The M2i.46xx models are available in both PCI and PCI-express versions:

Model # 1-ch 2-ch 4-ch 8-ch
M2i.4620 200 kS/s 200 kS/s  
M2i.4621 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s
M2i.4622 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s
M2i.4630 500 kS/s 500 kS/s
M2i.4631 500 kS/s 500 kS/s  500 kS/s
M2i.4632 500 kS/s 500 kS/s  500 kS/s  500 kS/s
M2i.4640 1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4641 1 MS/s 1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4642 1 MS/s 1 MS/s  1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4650 3 MS/s 3 MS/s
M2i.4651 3 MS/s 3 MS/s 3 MS/s  
M2i.4652 3 MS/s 3 MS/s 3 MS/s 3 MS/s
M2i.4620-exp 200 kS/s 200 kS/s
M2i.4621-exp 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s
M2i.4622-exp 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s 200 kS/s
M2i.4630-exp 500 kS/s 500 kS/s  
M2i.4631-exp 500 kS/s 500 kS/s 500 kS/s  
M2i.4632-exp 500 kS/s 500 kS/s 500 kS/s 500 kS/s
M2i.4640-exp 1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4641-exp 1 MS/s 1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4642-exp 1 MS/s 1 MS/s 1 MS/s 1 MS/s
M2i.4650-exp 3 MS/s 3 MS/s
M2i.4651-exp 3 MS/s 3 MS/s 3 MS/s
M2i.4652-exp 3 MS/s  3 MS/s 3 MS/s 3 MS/s

There are also extensive trigger capabilities such as pulse width triggering and and/or triggering for the analogue and digital channels. All Spectrum digitizers also have acquisition modes such as Multiple recording (segmented memory), Gated sampling and ABA mode (sample speed switching) for data reduction.

All digitizers come with an extensive package of software support. Drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems (32 bit and 64 bit) are included. Example programs and drivers for C/C+++, LabVIEW (Windows), MATLAB (Windows and Linux), LabWindows/CVI, IVI, NET, Delphi, Visual Basic and Python are available, as well as a basic licence of the Spectrum software SBench 6.

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