R&S HMC8015 power analyzer

The R&S HMC8015 power analyzer is a small versatile single-channel power analyzer with a clear colour display. The unit is very easy to operate and has exceptional measuring capabilities.

A number of specifications: the basic accuracy is 0.05%, a frequency range of DC – 100kHz, a voltage range of up to 5 to 600Vrms in 7 ranges and a current range of up to 5mA – 20A in 12 ranges divided over two power points.


The standard measurement functions of the HMC8015 are as follows: Active power (W), Apparent power (VA), Reactive power (var), power factor (PF), Phase shift (φ), Voltage frequency value (Hz), Current frequency value (Hz), Acquisition frequency (Hz), RMS voltage (U RMS),   Average voltage (U AVG), RMS current (I AVG), Average current (I AVG), Total harmonic distortion U, Total harmonic distortion I, WHM, WHP, WH, AHM, AHP, AH Energy counter (integrator values).

These measurement functions can be expanded with:

  • Maximum voltage (U PEAK)
  • Minimum voltage (U PEAK)
  • Maximum current (I PEAK)
  • Minimum current (I PEAK)
  • Maximum power (P PEAK)
  • Minimum power (P PEAK) via the option HOC/HVC151.


This option also includes the possibility of displaying the harmonic in bargraph mode, displaying the waveform of voltage, current and power, a trendchart current and voltage and a possibility of triggered inrush current. In addition, there are options for limit pass/fail testing and an option for testing according to standards IEC 62301, EN50564 and EN61000-3-2.

By default, the HMC8015 has a LAN and USB interface (GPIB is optional).

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