The R&S RTB2000 Digital Oscilloscope series

The R&S RTB2000 Digital Oscilloscope series are available in a 2- or 4-channel version with a bandwidth of 70MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz and 300Mhz. And this at a minimum sensitivity of 1mV/div. By default there is edge, width and video triggering. This can be expanded optionally with I2C, SPI, UART/RS232/RS485, CAN/LIN triggering and decoding.
Combined with the MSO, you will have a powerful debug tool for combined circuits.
We already mentioned the 10MS sample memory per channel (20MS sample in interleave mode).
This memory can be expanded to 160MSamples,  in combination with history mode.
There is an arbitrary waveform generator available should you wish to generate as well as measure. 14-bit resolution and 250MS samples/sec.

How much more complete can an oscilloscope be: an Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, Protocol analyzer, Waveform/ pattern generator, Digital voltmeter, Frequency analyzer, Pass/Fail testing with masks and segmented memory / history mode. This with the highest sensitivity, maximum screen size and memory depth.

The R&S RTB2000 series models

This series consists of eight different models: 
– RTB2002      70MHz, 2 channels
– RTB2004      70MHz, 4 channels
– RTB2012      100MHz, 2 channels
– RTB2014      100MHz, 4 channels
– RTB2022      200MHz, 2 channels
– RTB2024      200MHz, 4 channels
– RTB2032      300MHz, 2 channels
– RTB2034      300MHz, 4 channels


The 70MHz models can also be optionally upgraded to 100MHz, 200MHz or 300MHz in a later stage.
Options include Logic analysis (MSO), Waveform generator, Serial triggering and decoding for I²C/SPI, UART/RS-232/RS-485 and CAN/LIN.

Open the datasheet for detailed specifications of this product.

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