The Rohde&Schwarz NGM200 bi-directional power supply-measurement combination is a 2-quadrant power supply available in single- and dual-channel models of 60W and 120W. The voltage is adjustable from 0V to 20V and current can be supplied and dissipated from 6A to -3A per channel. The power supply is equipped with a 6.5 digit DMM for measuring voltage, current and power with an accurate resolution of 1uV /10nA. The NGM features extremely fast load regulation of less than 30us with minimal overshoot, even with rapid maximum load changes. Consider testing IoT devices going from standby to their operational mode. To offer the purest DC voltage possible with minimum noise and ripple voltage, the NGM200 uses linear output stages. This makes this power supply usable for driving and testing sensitive equipment where any type of noise and distortion must be avoided. Among other things, MMICs that operate in the microwave frequency range require an extremely clean supply voltage to do their job optimally.

Functionality NGM200 bi-directional power supply-measurement combination

The R&S NGM200 power supplies are equipped with a lot of functionality. For example, they are equipped with an accurate measurement unit with FastLog where voltage and current is recorded at a rate of 500 ksample/s. Every 2us a measurement is taken so that no momentary peak or dip is lost. Simulating batteries is easy with the pre-programmed battery profiles or the battery model editor. In this editor, a battery can be characterized as desired with characteristics the open-circuit voltage, series resistance and state of charge. To simulate the rising internal impedance when discharging a battery, NGM power supplies are equipped with adjustable output impedance from -50mΩ to 100Ω. Voltage or current steps can also be programmed as a function of time. And this up to as many as 4096 steps per cycle. Each step and the time in between can be set to 1ms resolution, making it easy to simulate very short voltage dips and spikes. Or steps of several hours to program a sequence that can last several weeks for long-term testing.

Safety and operation

Damage to the NGM is prevented by the many safety features it is equipped with. Users can set their own limits to prevent overvoltage or excess power. To protect sensitive loads from excessive currents, the electronic fuse can be variably set. The delay time is also adjustable from 0ms to 10s in case a slow or fast response is expected from the fuse.

All this functionality should also be easy to operate. What immediately stands out about the appearance of the NGM200 power supplies is the large and clear 800x480p touch screen. This ensures a high degree of user-friendliness and gives a clear and orderly overview of settings and measurements Furthermore, the NGM power supply is equipped as standard with USB and LAN communication ports, optionally WLAN or GPIB can also be chosen.

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