The R&S HMS-X series spectrum analyzer has been specifically developed as a general purpose Spectrum Analyzer for general testing purposes. There are two versions: one with a bandwidth of 100kHz to 1.6GHz and one with a bandwidth of 100kHz to 3GHz.

In addition to this, included are the options internal Tracking Generator (5MHz to 1.6GHz or 3GHz) and EMC pre-compliance. The EMC pre-compliance set consists of a preamplifier, a 1GHz probe set, a Line Impedance stabilization network (LISN) and the associated software. Also possible is a 3GHz set, where the 1GHz probe set is replaced by a 3GHz probe set.

Existing HMS-X 1.6GHz units can also be upgraded afterward to 3GHz, or upgraded with the Tracking generator and/or EMC pre-compliance option. By default, measurement data can be stored on a USB flash drive.

By default, the R&S HMS-X series spectrum analyzer has a 6.5 “color screen with VGA resolution. If you want to connect a larger screen or projector this can be done via the DVI output. RS232 and USB interface are standard, LAN and GPIB interface optional.

Features R&S HMS-X series spectrum

  • Frequency range 100kHz to 1,6GHz or 3GHz
  • Tracking generator option
  • DANL -135 dBm with preamp
  • Resolution bandwidth 10Hz tot 1MHz
  • Spectral purity greater than -100 dBc/Hz (at 100 kHz)
  • Sweep from 20 ms to 1000 s


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