R&S HM8134-3 / HM8135 RF generators

  • 1 Hz to 1.2 GHz / 3 GHz
  • Output +13 dBm
  • SSB phase noise -95 dBc
  • Modulation: AM, FM, pulse, φM, FSK, PSK
  • USB, RS232 standard and GPIB optional

R&S HM8134-3 / HM8135 RF generators

The Rohde & Schwarz RF HM8134-3 / HM8135 RF generators and microwave signal generators excel in signal quality, flexibility, and usability. They offer a frequency range up to 43.5 GHz (up to 170 GHz with frequency multipliers), modulation bandwidths up to 2 GHz and support all major standards in mobile communications and digital RF.

The product range runs from ultra-compact and unsurpassed high-speed analog and digital signal generators, optimized for production and automated solutions, to premium vector signal generators with multi-channel and fading simulation capabilities for the most demanding applications.

The HM8134-3 and HM8135

These entry-level models have a high spectral purity. The frequency range runs from 1 Hz to 1.2/3 GHz with a resolution of 1Hz; the range of the output power is -127 dBm/-135 dBm to +13 dBm. Other features include: Excellent sweep capabilities, modulation AM, FM, pulse, phase, FSK, PSK, Internal modulation (10 Hz to 150 kHz): sine, rectangle, triangle, saw tooth, External reference input/output via BNC connector and RS-232/USB dual interface.

HM8134-3 / HM8135 RF generators models

– HM8134                   1.2 GHz RF Synthesizer Version 3
– HM8134-3X            1.2 GHz RF Synthesizer with OCXO (temperature stability: ±1.0 × 10–8)
– HM8135                   3 GHz RF Synthesizer
– HM8135-X               3 GHz RF Synthesizer with OCXO (temperature stability: ±1.0 × 10–8)


For the HM8134 model option HO85 is available: OCXO temperature stability ±1×10-8.
For the HM8134-3 and HM8135 models, the OCXO installation is only available ex-factory.

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