Rohde&Schwarz LCR meter HM8118 is no longer available.

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The Rohde&Schwarz LCR meter HM8118 is a versatile and accurate meter with a frequency range from 20 Hz to 200 kHz in 63 steps. The choice of the different frequencies alone makes this LCR meter unique in its market segment. In addition, the simple operation and the many measurement functions are noteworthy. In addition to standard measurement functions such as L, C, R, D and Q, this unit has |Z|, X, |Y|, G, B, Θ, ∆, M and N. Specific testing of transformer parameters is also standard for this instrument.

The R&S HM8118 allows the user to characterize the full measuring range of resistors, capacitors and inductors. The results are displayed in absolute, relative or average values.

The used measuring voltage and bias current can also be set. An external bias voltage of up to 40 V is also possible. For the sorting of components, a Binning Interface is optionally available. The RS-232 and USB interface are available, the GPIB interface is optional. All this makes the R&S LCR meter HM8118 a very functional and versatile device.

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