Probes and accessories are probably the most undervalued additions to your oscilloscope. Undervalued because the best oscilloscope in the world can be turned into a totally unsuitable measuring instrument for your application if you do not use the right probe. We would like to give you an overview of the possibilities here.

The R&S probe series

Rohde & Schwarz passive probes are the perfect accessory for general measuring applications with low frequency signals (500MHz). The very fine, spring-loaded tip enables accurate and reliable contact of the signal cables with your DUT.

Active wideband probes are ideal for applications where low load on the DUT is critical or where the measured signal contains high frequency signal components. Rohde & Schwarz has active single ended probes with bandwidths up to 6 GHz. In addition to active single ended probes, active differential sensors are also available for both high and low voltages and high bandwidth. All have a very low load for the DUT and a wide dynamic range. The configurable, integrated micro button makes it easy to operate the oscilloscope when measuring with multiple channels.

User safety has the highest priority when measuring on power electronics. Rohde & Schwarz offers both active and passive high voltage probes for measurements up to CAT III.
Also a complete range of current sensors is available up to a frequency of 120 MHz and currents up to 500A/rms. All Rohde and Schwarz current sensors can be used for both AC and DC current. As an accessory there is also a specific test circuit available for deskew of the current sensor relative to the voltage.

EMC near-field probes open a new field of application for oscilloscopes. The high sensitivity and powerful spectrum analysis function make the current Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope series a valuable tool for the analysis of EMC problems.

Applications for oscilloscopes range from debugging complex electronic circuits to measuring the signal integrity of fast bus signals and characterizing high voltage power electronics. Measurement accuracy and user safety depend on the probes and accessories used.

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